Highland Scenic Highway
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The Highland Scenic Highway, a designated National Scenic Byway, is a beautiful corridor through the National Forest.  This Byway extends 43 miles from Richwood to US Route 219.  It has four developed scenic overlooks. Each site provides a comfortable rest stop, with a beautiful view of the surrounding mountains and valleys. The Highway traverses the mountainous terrain of the Allegheny Highlands and Plateau, and rises from Richwood, elevation 2,325 feet, to over 4,500 feet along the Parkway.

The Highway is a paved two-lane road, designated as State Routes 39 and 150. Rt. 150 is a 23-mile Parkway section that is not maintained in the winter. Travel is discouraged on Rt. 150 between November and March, sometimes April. The road travels from Richwood, WV to US Highway 219, north of Marlinton, WV.  Speed limits are 55 mph for the State Route 39/55 section and 45 mph for the Parkway section. Commercial truck traffic is not allowed on the Parkway. 


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Highland Scenic Highway